Politically Speaking: Franken, Moore, and Mormon Bigots

1. Franken Out, But Wait There’s Moore Sen. Al Franken gave a non-apology speech announcing that he would be resigning in the coming weeks due to the increasing amount of sexual misconduct allegations against him. He made sure to point out that he felt some of them were not true, and he used it as an exclamation point in a calculated political move that was obvious since Wednesday. Allow some Democratic female senators to call for his resignation. Then some male ones join in. And then Franken does the honorable…

Why all the hype about Utah?

As I was surfing the internet this weekend, I came across a rah rah article for Utah. http://www.siteselection.com/issues/2013/mar/ip-utah.cfm We hear these kudos all the time. We are a State that focuses on economic growth and not raising taxes. If you are Utah’s public policy makers, this kind of article reinforces a belief that they are on the right track. Yet if you are to believe naysayers, namely reader comments in our local media, you would get the exact opposite view of our State. Who is right?