BUZZ: Judge Waddoups Rules State School Board Election Process Unconstitutional

On Friday, Judge Clark Waddoups ruled the process by which State School Board Candidates appear on the ballot is unconstitutional, though did not give a remedy. State School Board candidates are interviewed by the Governor’s Nominating and Recruiting Committee, which selects at least three names to forward to the Governor.  The Governor then selects the two names that appear on the November ballot.  Breck England, a candidate for District 5, was eliminated following the interviews by the committee.  He quickly filed a complaint.  Pat Rusk, a candidate from District 6,…

Are We Asking the Right Questions About the Board of Education?

Utah State Superintendent Finalists Announced: Backup Plan for Some? John Barge, Martin Bates, Rich Crandall, Brad Smith

A couple weeks back, contributors to the Utah Politico Hub examined the role of the State Board of Education in students learning. Does the Board have a duty to parents or to students? The response was impressive, with parents, activists, and even a couple members of the State Board of Education weighing in. You can find those posts here. As I’ve thought about the topic since, though, I’ve begun to wonder if perhaps we–the public–understand what the Board of Education does and how it works.

Failed USBOE Candidate’s Viewpoint Discrimination Claim Fails the Ron Swanson Test

Breck England is complaining about viewpoint discrimination, and he is completely right…and totally wrong.   In the latest strange development in Utah’s political litigation industry, Breck England, an unsuccessful candidate for the Utah State Board of Education (USBOE), has sued the members of the USBOE nominating committee, Governor Herbert, and Lt. Governor Cox for allegedly engaging in discrimination in violation of his constitutional rights (a copy of the complaint is embedded below). The basis for England’s claim is that, during vetting process of state school board candidates, some candidates are favored…