Polite Politics Podcast Season 2, #6: ISIS & Syria

In the latest Polite Politics Podcast, Tyler explains the history of ISIS and what is happening in Syria. Along the way, he discusses: The refugee crisis Overheated rhetoric on all sides Which president is responsible for growth of ISIS And much more… Be sure to listen to the latest Polite Politics Podcast. The following links provide some extra information if you want to read more. History of ISIS Map of ISIS controlled areas Timeline of Syria Unrest Timeline of US Involvement in Syria Subscribe for more Polite Politics

How Gun Control Led to the Bill of Rights

In 1666, much of London was destroyed by fire. While the main culprit were tightly packed wooden buildings, a primary accelerant to the fire was various stores of gunpowder and other arms ignited by the flames. Much of the powder was in the homes of private citizens, left there from the days of the English Civil War. The Tower of London alone stored five-hundred tons of powder. This was the beginning of modern municipal fire codes. And a new principle of city planning realized centralizing gunpowder in a separate building,…