Unlocking Utah Politics, Episode 3: Jeff Burningham Part 2

In the second half of my conversation with Jeff Burningham, we discuss the impact of COVID19 on his campaign. With the outbreak of COVID19, Jeff halted the gathering of signatures for the safety of his volunteers. However, he did not have enough signatures to enter the race for governor. Jeff also offers advice for those interested in becoming involved with politics.  

The 2020 Republican Candidates for Governor, Ranked

The Republican field for governor is more crowded than an audition for America’s Got Talent. There’s not a lot to differentiate on policy-wise, so most of this race is going to come down to personality. Here’s a run-down of each of them from best to worst (with a dishonorable mention). The Good Ones Spencer Cox I’ve known Spencer for a number of years. He’s smart. He’s honest. He’s genuine. Above all, he’s someone who spends time thinking and evaluating before speaking. That’s a rarity in general, but especially so for…