Utah Politico Hub: Fearless Predictions Revisited

Wait a minute. Hold the presses. How did those Utah Politico Hub election predictions turn out? There were eight brave souls who put their sterling reputations on the line. With the election canvas producing three different winners than election night, it is only fair that we review what the “experts” thought about Utah races going into election night. Any pre-canvas analysis was (as we now know) premature. There are 12 races with predictions, although in fairness we were having a little fun with one of our own bloggers John English on…

A Labor of Love: Helping Legislative Interns Find the One. #internpickuplines

Rep. Dan McCay gets in on the #internpickuplines meme on March 11, 2014.

With just three days to go, those following the Utah Legislature on Twitter Tuesday morning (March 11, 2014) were treated to an explosion of, well, intern pick up lines. Blame Spencer Nitz, who styles himself the “Official Meme Creator” of the Utah House of Representatives. Observing that the imminent sine die motion in three days was leading to an uptick in intern romance, Nitz provoked a bit of legislative “Dad humor,” as Jesse Harris called it. There’s a strong correlation between time remaining in #utleg session and number of interns…

10 Easy Ways Even Busy Moms (& Dads) Can Be More Engaged During The Legislative Session [Utah Moms Care]

Utah Capitol Hill

We are all busy.  Really busy.  There are always more things that we would like to do, then we can actually do.  But here is a challenge, for just 45 days can you pay attention to what is happening at our State Capitol?  I know you can.  I know you care what happens there because you read this site.  So here is a list of a few ways even busy Moms can be engaged this year during the 2013 Session of the Utah Legislature: