Ten Utah Races To Watch On Primary Night

Early voting in the Utah Primary ends today, and the Primary Election will be on Tuesday, June 24. With no statewide or federal offices grabbing headlines, it might be easy to forget that there’s a primary at all. But there is, and here’s ten races that you should keep your eyes on. 

Getting Dirty in Salt Lake County’s Assessor Race

The campaign for Salt Lake County Assessor, one of the sleepiest elected offices in Salt Lake County (if not the whole state), is getting dirty. In the race between the old and the young, surrogates of Kevin Jacobs’ have accused  Jake Parkinson, also a candidate for Salt Lake County Assessor, of making sexist and degrading comments about women at campaign events. In a post on Facebook, former Salt Lake County Republican Chair and current Salt Lake County Chief Deputy Recorder Julie Dole claims that Parkinson has been “telling people that…