The Smart Questions Club: Medical marijuana legalization in Utah [streaming]

Marijuana is currently illegal in the state of Utah, but a movement is afoot to legalize marijuana for medicinal use. Join us tonight as we talk to Utah State Senator Mark Madsen and Libertas Institute President Connor Boyack about why they think Utah should change its policy on medical marijuana.

Libertas Opposes Anti-Discrimination Laws Supported by LDS Church

Libertas Institute, the libertarian think-tank run by Connor Boyack, responded to the LDS church’s exceedingly rare press conference held earlier today, addressing non-discrimination and religious freedom. Libertas said that the think-tank agrees with the LDS Church’s statements and because they agree, they therefore oppose the anti-discrimination bill being proposed. Libertas further disagreed with Sister Neill F Marriott when she said that “basic rights such as securing a job or a place to live should not depend on someone’s sexual orientation.”   Said Libertas: “It is incorrect to say that person X has…

Book Review: Feardom by Connor Boyack

I’ve long followed Connor Boyack’s career. A libertarian and out of the box thinker, Boyack has never been afraid to defend his conclusions, and he does so with articulation and passion. His latest literary foray is no exception. In Feardom: How Politicians Exploit Your Emotions and What You Can Do to Stop Them, Boyack fervently argues for greater individual responsibility in the face of growing and often deceptive government communication and behavior. The argument is timely. Trust in government, whether it is Congress, the White House, the Supreme Court, or…

An Analysis of the Libertas Common Core Lawsuit

Lawsuits should never be a first resort. Unfortunately, all too often lawsuits are the only way policy makers listen. Whether it’s civil rights, healthcare, the environment, or education standards, lawsuits are a part of our national political system, turning to courts to address issues that we have been unable to resolve by political action. Enter the Libertas Institute, a local libertarian leaning non-profit, which just last week filed a lawsuit challenging the process by which Common Core educational standards were adopted by the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) in…

The Strangest of Bedfellows

It has been said that politics makes the strangest of bedfellows. Every once in a while during the session the universe seems to tilt. Legislators who are fierce opponents join together for the passage or defeat of a bill. This last week saw Sen. Deidre Henderson and Sen. Jim Dabakis join sides in opposition to a bill related to the NSA center in Bluffdale.  Sometimes it is not just legislators, but lobbies.