Pot initiative proponents and opponents deserve each other

For the past 30-something years, especially the last 18 years here in Utah, I have made freedom my business. But I guess I have not done a very good job as its advocate because even really intelligent people either do not understand it or still choose to prioritize self-interest. Throughout these ten years of commentaries, I have described freedom in minute detail – from its essence to its processes – and, regardless of the angle, I am convinced most people (even guardians elected to serve and protect it) do not…

The Smart Questions Club: Medical marijuana legalization in Utah [streaming]

Marijuana is currently illegal in the state of Utah, but a movement is afoot to legalize marijuana for medicinal use. Join us tonight as we talk to Utah State Senator Mark Madsen and Libertas Institute President Connor Boyack about why they think Utah should change its policy on medical marijuana.

Midday Commentary on Last Night’s News — July 9, 2015

• Utah House funny man, Rules co-chair and all-around decent bloke Rep. Jon Cox has jumped ship for the governor’s office as his communications director. That’s the second Cox the governor has stolen from the House, the place of all things awesome and theft-worthy. You might recall that he grabbed Spencer Cox as his LG a while back. (Who was promptly replaced by Jon Cox.) It should be noted that the governor’s budget boss is Kris Cox, and word on the street is that he’s looking for a place to put…

Medical Cannabis in Utah: Healing, Curing, and Alleviating Medical Conditions with Cannabis [video]

Watch the public city forum in Provo about the possibility of legalizing medical cannabis in the state of Utah. Hear from patients and just a few of the many Utahns who would be benefitted by this legislation passing. Get involved and learn more at: http://libertasutah.org/cannabis/ Like what you see? Subscribe and get the Hub in your inbox * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name

Another look at Medical Cannabis

Last month I attended a presentation on medical cannabis put on by the Libertas Institute and the Drug Policy Project. While there, I heard some interesting information presented about why medical cannabis should be legalized in Utah. There were plenty of heart-warming stories about how medical cannabis has helped families and individuals deal with very debilitating diseases and lifelong pain. Utah State Senator Mark Madsen presented what he hoped to run as a bill in the 2016 legislative session. It included tight controls about access and which doctors can prescribe…