Join the Hub Debate: Is Racism in America Dead?

Is racism in America dead? Utah Politico Hub Readers and Contributors: We invite you–because you have contributed thoughts and posts on the Hub in the past–to consider the following topic. Is racism in America dead? As protests about police killings, Eric Garner’s death, and Michael Brown’s shooting continue across the nation, more people are asking whether racism is alive and well in the United States. A headline in Esquire offers “IF YOU NEEDED FURTHER PROOF RACISM IS NOT DEAD,” sharing anecdotes about discrimination at drinking fountains and microwaves. Meanwhile, Forbes…

Will Eric Garner Be a Bipartisan Rallying Cry?

Body cameras are an encouraging step in helping police officers back up their own statements and keep the general public safe. If Darren Wilson had a body camera on when he confronted Michael Brown, we’d have more evidence upfront how truthful he was being. Later the forensics back up his story, and different witnesses have different stories, but Ferguson is what it is. There have been other unarmed blacks killed by white officers this year, but they didn’t get the reaction that Brown’s death did. One reason? It’s Ferguson, a…

The False Choice of Mayberry or Militarization [Hub Debate]

I saw this meme in a couple of social media places this week and it struck a chord with me. Look, I enjoyed The Andy Griffith Show as much as the next bored-on-summer-break elementary school kid, but if you want to know why we don’t have more Sheriff Taylors it’s because Mayberry doesn’t actually exist. There are bad people in the world, and sometimes police officers need guns.

Time to Reverse the Trend of Police Militarization [Hub Debate]

The facts around the shooting of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson are almost beside the point by now. The news that has trickled out has yet to tell the whole story, but that incident is just the catalyst for the illustration of another problem that we’ve known has been growing for years, but maybe Ferguson, MO, is the tipping point that will reverse the trend of the militarization of police.

The Dystopian Realities of Unprofessionalism [Hub Debate]

When a profession adheres to strict standards of conduct, everyone wins. It’s good for the members of the profession and those that need to use their services. When a profession spends more time in a near-unconditional defense of its members, however, it’s a sign that things have taken a very dangerous turn for the worst. It’s often a cultural problem with no easy remedy. And it is pervasive in policing today.