A sweetheart deal? Unspam Technologies profits from the Utah Child Protection Registry with seemingly little oversight

“In 2004, I asserted that Unspam’s proposed registry would be ineffective at limiting or curbing unsolicited email.  In 2017, this has proven to be true.” – Pete Ashdown, Founder of Xmission The most pernicious of government programs are those that are small and unnoticed. Without oversight, they often deliver questionable value to a very limited audience without being recognized for such. These programs tend to fester for years or decades before getting noticed but are often hard to kill even when they are. By all accounts, the state Do Not…

On Point: Looking at the Utah Legislature, Tax Increases, and More. February 12, 2015 [video]

Michelle Mumford and Michelle Scharf discuss the latest in Utah politics in this edition of On Point presented by Sutherland Institute. On Point is Utah’s only show featuring an all-female panel of political insiders. If you prefer listening to a podcast, click here. You can watch all the half-hour On Point videos here on Sutherland’s YouTube channel.