Complaint against CMV signatures filed

Even after the blows rained on County My Vote (“CMV”) by the passage by the Utah Senate of the nullifying SB54, the enemies of Utah’s nomination system seemed poised to strike back. CMV promised to unleash an onslaught of media coverage labeling the Utah Legislature as something akin to jackbooted Nazis, invoking Godwin’s law all on their own. Meanwhile, the other boot was about to drop.

Caucuses, primaries, turnout and Count My Vote

Personally, I remain ambivalent toward the status quo vs. Count My Vote. Call me a cynic; you’d be right.  On one hand I am realistic that any nominating system can be gamed and the choice is really between one form of gaming and another. On the other hand, I am intrigued by the big kick in the pants Count My Vote would be for both parties, and the absolute deserved kick in the pants both major parties have solidly earned for a plethora of reasons.  That said, the discussion of…

To caucus or not to caucus: a CMV v PONE debate [video][Publius Online]

Count My Vote

One issue that voters may actually have to address during an otherwise sleepy mid-term election year is the future of the caucuses, or neighborhood meetings where the political parties select delegates to vet party candidates. It’s a system unique to Utah, where neighborhoods meet regularly (once every two years) to select representatives that will attend and vote on candidates for higher office. The candidates selected then appear on the ballot for voting by the general public. It’s one of the quirks of civic participation that, along with others,  has made…