County Seat TV Video on Protests on Publically Managed Lands Recapture Canyon

by  The County Seat “We will be discussing some of the lesser known that surround this particular case. Tune in Sunday Morning 8:30am on ABC4UTAH or link here to YouTube. The story of this protest in recapture canyon is not an easy one to tell because there are so many layers. I would argue that many of us have misunderstood the entire issue because we lack the experiences that this community has had.”

Photos of Protest Against Police Brutality and Darren Wilson Verdict in Downtown Salt Lake City

Protesters gathered outside the Wallace F. Bennett Federal Building to rally against police brutality and the recent grand jury’s declined to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Estimated at over 200 protesters, the group marched down State Street to the state courthouse, the police station, and then back to the federal building. Protesters blocked streets and causing congested traffic during their protest.