The Dystopian Realities of Unprofessionalism [Hub Debate]

When a profession adheres to strict standards of conduct, everyone wins. It’s good for the members of the profession and those that need to use their services. When a profession spends more time in a near-unconditional defense of its members, however, it’s a sign that things have taken a very dangerous turn for the worst. It’s often a cultural problem with no easy remedy. And it is pervasive in policing today.

BUZZ: Shurtleff a fan of police raids, unless it happens to him

The Washington Post’s Radley Balko took notice to former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff‘s complaints about the recent law-enforcement raid on his house, and he used the opportunity to point out how Shurtleff was a supporter of police raids for other people, committing other crimes. From his book, Balco quotes: In August 2005, more than 90 police officers from several state and local SWAT teams raided 1,500 people at a peaceful, outdoor dance party in Spanish Fork Canyon, Utah. The police were armed with assault weapons, full SWAT attire, police…