Reflections on City Weekly’s Coverage of Mendenhall and LaMalfa’s Alleged Affair

Yesterday, Salt Lake City Weekly published an article asserting that two SLC Council Members, Erin Mendenhall and Kyle LaMalfa, are engaged in an affair. This ignited an immediate firestorm on social media and in comments sections of the article, with many people making strong criticisms of City Weekly’s article for being anonymously sourced and for making big news out of something that is a private affair. I don’t know LaMalfa, but I do know Mendenhall, and I like her. I’ve found her to be a friendly, earnest person and a dedicated…

The Salt City Throwdown: Episode 30 “A Biker, a Curmudgeon, and the Salt City Throwdown”.

We’re back! After a long extended break, a couple canned episodes and a best of episode, the Salt City Throwdown returns. This week on the Throwdown, from the Salt Lake City Weekly, we have special guest and City Weekly reporter, Eric S. Peterson.We talk about his background, his work, and how the John Swallow/Mark Shurtleff scandal and other major stories he has covered broke, and the future of AltWeekly news papers, and the newspaper industry in general.