Healthy Utah May Be Improved, But It’s Still a Bum Deal


The Utah Senate today passed SB64 S01, a modification of the Healthy Utah plan to more-or-less implement Medicaid expansion without calling it that. (Because: REASONS.) It makes a number of improvements to the original plan (including numerous automatic termination conditions), but it still maintains a fatal flaw: it doesn’t improve health care. In fact, it’s just a big expansion of subsidies to insurance companies and the medical industry with no expectation of improved quality of care or reduction in costs. Talking points from Gov's office on Healthy Utah 2.0, up…

Clean air policy is coming together, but with a bunch of small changes

It would be hard to say that the legislature isn’t taking some interest in air quality issues. In this session, there’s no fewer than 15 open bills and resolutions addressing various aspects of air quality in our state. If you’re expecting sweeping legislation, though, you’re probably going to be disappointed. Most of these deal with very specific changes that, while good, aren’t hugely transformative on their own. Here’s a run-down of what some of these are seeking to do.