Salt City Throwdown Podcast: EP32 – Better Know a Candidate; Charles A. Stormont Edition

Its a new episode of the Salt City Throwown Podcast! This week we hit on a couple of important things before the show starts. And Smitty is also back on Track, so all in all it was a good week. First, we give a personal shoutout to one of the best guys a man could have. Simon Miller and his family are on the trip of a life time, so we sent them our best wishes and thoughts as they go to pick up their third adopted child from China.…

The Simple, The Complex, and The Convoluted – How Candidates’ Names Make Their Way to the Ballot

It seems it would be simple for a person to decide to run for office, and then for their name to appear on the ballot – and in some cases it is, but that is not the rule.  Here is a quick run down of the simple, the complex and the just plain convoluted ways by which candidates’ names appear on the ballot in Utah.