iVote, Electronic Voting, and Security: An Introduction

I’m very honored and privileged to be part of the iVote Advisory Committee to Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox. This committee has a lot of smart people putting their minds towards considering all of the implications of expanding voting to be as convenient as pulling out a smartphone. I know several of the members personally, several by reputation, and several not at all, but from our first discussion, I feel confident that we’ll end up providing some very smart feedback that considers the full implications of turning personal connected devices into…

What REALLY happened on Facebook during the Shurtleff/Swallow Arrests….

Utah Politicos on Facebook – A Satire. What it might look like if Tuesday’s events were a Facebook discussion thread. Again, if I’ve not been clear, this is  satire, not intended to be taken seriously. All content is used without permission and contributed by different UPH contributors.