BUZZ: Governor Announces State School Board Candidates

Today Governor Herbert announced the candidates for the State School Board.  Candidates for the Board are vetted through a nominating and recruiting committee, then selected by the Governor.  The following candidates will be appearing on the ballot in November: District 1 David L Clark Terryl Warner (incumbent) District 2 Spencer F Stokes Willard Z Maughan District 3 Michael G. Jensen (incumbent) Linda Hansen District 5 Mark Bouchard Laura Collier Belnap District 6 Dan Griffiths (incumbent) Brittany Cummins District 9 Joylin Lincoln Heather Groom (incumbent) District 14 Mike Miles Mark Huntsman

Who Made The Cut: State School Board Candidates Eliminated By Committee

It is a little like trying out for the high school basketball team — those days of crowding around the coach’s office hoping and praying that you made the latest cut just posted on the door. It must be how State School Board candidates have been feeling after the Nominating and Recruiting Committee met last week to determine who would be eliminated before the interviews. Of note, all incumbents that filed for office will move forward at this point.  Many vocal opponents of the Common Core were eliminated, but the…