The UPH Daily Dose Podcast – February 20th 2014

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  Welcome to the UPH Daily Dose Podcast for February 20th 2014. Presented by the Salt City Throwdown Podcast A member of the Utah legislature thinks we need to have more CO2 Oh, and this week we have seen temperatures in the 60’s… in February. Green Energy is too Costly The State Tree has been changed And more!   Catch the Show the Normal Ways: Check it out on the Utah Politico Hub’s website by clicking HERE On the Apple iTunes Podcast Directory – by clicking HERE.  On the Stitcher Radio for…

Is the State Tree Bill Dead?

Is the State Tree Bill Dead? Maybe. We are hearing that the Blue Spruce may not end up being named the state tree after all. Why? Because the Blue Spruce is also known as the “Colorado Spruce” Once again proving those pot legalizing, gun hating hippies* from Colorado are again trying to infiltrate our state. By the way, might we recommend following @UtahSpruce on Twitter.   Note: The UPH team knows not everyone from Colorado smokes weed, and hates guns. Just most of them.