Salt Lake County: Winder Loses County Its SWAT Vehicle After Using it on the Campaign

An accusation that Jim Winder, Salt Lake County Sheriff,  violated the Hatch Act by using government resources at campaign fundraising events  has left Salt Lake County without its privately owned SWAT vehicle. Whether Winder will end up under investigation remains to be seen. Meanwhile, Salt Lake County’s SWAT may be hitching rides with squad cars for a while. First reported by the City Weekly, Winder used the county’s $350,000 BearCat and SWAT team members at campaign event at Tooele’s Big Shot Ranch in October of 2013. After receiving a text message over a…

Time to Reverse the Trend of Police Militarization [Hub Debate]

The facts around the shooting of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson are almost beside the point by now. The news that has trickled out has yet to tell the whole story, but that incident is just the catalyst for the illustration of another problem that we’ve known has been growing for years, but maybe Ferguson, MO, is the tipping point that will reverse the trend of the militarization of police.