Rep. Jeremy Peterson: HB162: Transparency and Accountability for Taxpayer Funded Film Incentives

This session I am running a bill to provide more legislative oversight and more accountability for money that the state spends in promoting film production here in Utah. ¬†Currently, the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) has been granted permission from the Legislature to issue up to $6.7 million dollars in tax credits for film productions that the department deems worthy to receive them. ¬†Certain benchmarks and yardsticks are used to quantify which productions show the most promise for spending money and driving economic growth in the state. The problem…

Cut From the Same Cloth?

There is a fundamental question making its way around the Capitol this session: should taxes be tied to users? For example, should those that drive more pay more for roads through gas taxes or tolls? Or should those directly utilizing our public schools pay more towards education? These items never quite correlate exactly, but there has always been a sense especially among conservatives that user taxes are better policy.