The Top 11 Qualities of Good Legislators

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Over the years, I’ve watched legislators come and go and candidates come and go, I’ve often pondered what qualities are most important for a legislator. Here is a start: Learn process – The legislative process is like a monopoly game. Those who know the rules best mostly get their way. Take the time to learn parliamentary procedure. Learn how to pass and kill bills. Learn appropriations – The difference between Executive Appropriations and Appropriations SubCommittees is immense. Figure out how to get funding. Don’t define your worth by the office you…

A Few Tips for Contacting Your Legislator [Utah Moms Care]

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The session is underway; here are a few hints to keep in mind when contacting your Senator or Representative. Email Tips The subject line of your email is vital.  Make it specific.  Include the bill you are writing about, how you would like your legislator to vote, your address, and if you are a delegate (do not say you are a delegate if you are not one).  For example: Support HB 69 Autism Bill – Republican/Democratic Delegate – Constituent from District #__ –  Address