Cleaning Up Utah’s Air

Improving our air quality is an issue that faces all of us in the Salt Lake Valley. Addressing our air quality problems is a top priority of mine and I am proud to have co-sponsored or voted in favor of each of the air quality bills that passed the legislature this year. Because of my strong air quality record, I received a 100% rating from the Physicians for a Healthy Environment after the 2014 legislative session. I am a strong believer that the best solution to address our air quality…

I love the Wasatch Front, but I have to leave it

I love the Salt Lake City area. When my wife and I got married, we were living in different cities, Sacramento and Las Vegas, respectively. We decided to relocate to Salt Lake City to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the vibrant community, and the number of friends and family we had in the area. Over nine years later, I still love it, but I have to leave it.