The candidates to replace Justin Miller in HD 40

With Justin Miller’s resignation in effect on November 11, Democrats will gather to select a replacement, choosing from four candidates to send one to Governor Gary Herbert for appointment to fill out Miller’s term representing HD 40.

Early on, prior even to Miller’s resignation, former HD 40 Representative Lynn Hemingway let it be known that he wanted the seat back and was seen as a favorite for getting it. Insiders watching the race have place attorney Amy Fowler and accountant Chris Stout in a competitive position, speculating that delegates may want new blood to fill the seat. Mike Shea does not appear to be making a serious effort to obtain delegate votes for the nomination to replace Miller.

Here are the Democrats vying for a short-cut to the state legislature (in alphabetical by first name):

The candidates for HD 40 to replace Justin Miller
Amy Fowler


Fowler is a native Utahn.  She studied biology at Seattle University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in 2000. Fowler obtained her JD from the University of Utah in 2011. In 2013, Amy co-founded the LGBT and Allied Lawyers of Utah, a non-profit legal organization that fights for the rights of the LGBT community and has worked in the public defender’s office since 2014.

Fowler has been endorsed by Equality Utah PAC and Planned Parenthood PAC and has been married to Pidge Winburn since 2013.

The candidates for HD 40 to replace Justin Miller
Chris Stout


Stout is a native Utahn, raised in Salt Lake City and Sandy. He has two daughters and four grandkids.

Stout is a former member of the Army Reserve for nine years and served an active tour as U.S. Army Recruiter in Ogden, Utah. Stout earned his bachelors in accounting from the University of Utah.

In 2005, Stout founded Boswick Enterprises, a sales and use tax consulting firm, in Salt Lake City. He also co-founded the Utah Transit Riders Union in 2013 to  advocate for transit riders and transit priorities, and he has served as President since founding. Stout touts putting Proposition One on the ballot as an accomplishment.

In politics, Stout is Chair of the Salt Lake County Democratic Progressive Caucus and the Chair of the Utah State Democratic Progressive Caucus. Stout ran for State Treasurer in 2012.

The candidates for HD 40 to replace Justin Miller
Lynn Hemingway


Prior to Justin Miller’s election to the Utah House of Representatives in 2014, Hemingway represented House District 40 from 2007 to 2015 before retiring.

He was educated at  Westminster College and the University of Utah. He has been retired since 2002. He is married to Sherma, a real estate office manager.

Heminway’s most recent assignments in the House were Economic Development and Workforce Services, Public Utilities and Technology, and Retirement and Independent Entities.

The candidates for HD 40 to replace Justin Miller
Mike Shea


Son of the better-known Pat Shea, Mike has put his hat in the ring quietly. Better known by Democratic insiders, Shea is a former member of the Young Democrats of Utah board and has worked on Peter Corroon’s campaign for governor, Count My Vote, and for Exxoro, as well as a Community Relations specialist for Salt Lake County.

Shea studied philosophy and economics at Westminster College.

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