The Cuts Continue: Day 2 of the State School Board Candidate Interviews

State Board of Ed LogoToday, the Governor’s Nominating and Recruiting Committee continued their interviews with State School Board candidates in the remaining two districts.  The committee, by law, is taxed with forwarding at least three names on to the Governor.  The Governor will in turn select two of those candidates to appear on the November ballot.  By law, the Governor must select candidates for the ballot before August 1st.  

Here are the names that will be forwarded on to the Governor, those struck were eliminated in this round by the committee:


District 1

Bryce B Day
David L Clark
Terryl Warner (incumbent)
Lydia Nuttal

District 2

Spencer F Stokes
Willard Z Maughan
Christie Moore
Jana Raw Shaw

District 3

Russell Bartholomew
Jared Hamner
Michael G. Jensen (incumbent)
Tracy Marz
Linda Hansen
Jeffery D. Meservy
Garrick Hall

District 5

Breck England
Amy Hayter
Marlo Oaks
Daniel Rip
Brent L Clyde
Mark Bouchard
Ruland Gill
Laura Collier Belnap

District 6

Dan Griffiths
Brittany Cummins
Liz Taylor
Melissa Johnson
Pat Rusk
Alan Kirkwood

District 9

Joel Wright
Kevin Braddy
Robin Allred
Joylin Lincoln
Heather Groom (incumbent)

District 14

Mike Miles
Mark Huntsman
Spencer Kimball

In years past, some incumbents have been eliminated by the committee.  This year all incumbents will be considered by the Governor.  The Governor’s office previously has conducted interviews of their own before making their final decision, it is anticipated that will happen in the next month.


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