The end of the Utah Democratic party?


With the impending retirement of Jim Matheson, the Utah Democratic Party is expected to close its doors and has opened talks with the Uah Republican Party to merge, offering a substantial boost to sagging Republican fundraising, but large voter lists.

Republican Party Chair James Evans has indicated that outgoing DemocratIC Chair James Dabakis has approached him about merging parties.

“We had a feeling this was coming,” said Dabakis, by phone from the latest state to legalize gay marriage, where he is getting married, again. “We just haven’t worked hard enough to get more Democrats elected. Blovation and Progressive utopias are what we were working on, because really, who is going to vote Democratic outside of Salt Lake County.”

“And that is actually one of the reasons I decided to resign. I couldn’t get anyone elected.”

This throws a wrench into the plans for the Utah Democrats running for state office as well.

“I was just going to change my party affiliation and try to run again as a Democrat” said a former Utah Attorney general who asked not to be named. “This really bunks up my return to politics after taking a sabbatical last December.”

When asked, National Chairwoman Debbie Wassermann-Schultz said “April Fools Day is normally when we review the State Charters, to make sure they are inline with our national platform and that we actually want them claiming an affiliation with us. Utah just doesn’t cut it. There hasn’t been a good Democrat in Congress from Utah since Enid Greene Mickelsen and, frankly, we see no point in continuing their affiliation with our party.”

The minority party role may now fall to Libertarians.

Libertas Institute director, and presumed Libertarian standard bearer, Connor Boyack said “Meh. We really didn’t want to be a minority. We just want the government to have a minority role in our day-to-day lives.”

With the lack of Democrats in Utah, what happens next?

Stay tuned to UPH to find out.

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