The enemy within

“Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States” – Goal #15 of the Communist Party to overthrow America, “The Naked Communist”, Cleon Skousen, Published in 1958, read into the Congressional record in January, 1963.

“The western world has been thoroughly saturated with Christianity for 2000 years…any country grounded in Judeo-Christian values cannot be overthrown until those roots are cut. But to cut the roots, to change the culture, a Long March through the institutions is necessary. Only then will power fall into our laps like ripened fruit.” Antonio Gramsci, Cultural Marxist.

By David Rogers

Only a few weeks into his presidency, it is very apparent that Donald Trump is determined to be the change agent he pledged in his campaign. As the new President works hurriedly to implement every bit of the agenda that he promised to voters (a refreshing break from the usual history of ‘promise and do nothing’), the forces of opposition are assembling. Open warfare has been declared on every aspect of the Trump agenda by the Democrats and leftist acolytes across the country. From the hysterical over-reaction of the media and celebrities to protestors pillaging at Berkeley, the lines are being drawn. Trump’s approach will ensure individual Americans are going to have to choose sides. And what exactly are the sides in this conflict? Who wants a true pro-American agenda and who are the adversaries seeking to further weaken us from within?

It is clear that the social, economic and political fabric of our country has been under attack for decades. Cultural Marxism has infiltrated our government offices, schools, and fringe political organizations for decades. The divisions in this country came to a head under President Obama, as he casually turned a blind eye to laws and social stances he did not philosophically agree with. Thus we have borderline anarchy in the form of runaway illegal immigration, defiant sanctuary cities, legalization of controlled drugs in certain states, social disorder and all sorts of other confusion within our own borders as well as a completely muddled foreign policy. Enter Donald Trump. His apparent agenda is to apparently counter the burbling anarchy beneath the surface and restore a sense of order to the country before it fractures completely. But the left has already gathered the counterinsurgency to any of Trump’s mandates. They are clearly staking out territory for one side in this battle for the future of America, using Trump as their perfect foil. They advocate for Americans while seeking an agenda that will certainly continue to weaken America and lead to further disorder.

The executive order temporarily suspending immigration from seven specific countries that are incubators for terrorism is the first of what will certainly be many examples. Cue the protestors in the street. Cue Hollywood celebrities virtue signaling into any rolling camera. Cue Chuck Schumer’s crocodile tears and other Democrat talking heads’ indignance. Never mind President Obama’s similar order for Iraqis in 2011 to media silence. Never mind the order falls squarely in the powers of the Executive Office. Never mind that the media has widely framed the issue as a “Muslim Ban” and cried racist, neither of which is accurate. The motive is to foment division over a fairly simple issue. The tactic is to create controversy and then blame Trump for the resulting chaos.

The dialog of the left is about feelings versus fact, about convoluting principle to suit an agenda. It is not at all about the issues, but about the revolution that can be generated around the issues. Thus we will soon see who opposes a consistently, law-abiding, more united and more prosperous country. Trump’s Executive order is clearly about procedures of security. Staying the influx of peoples from parts of the world where terrorism is known to be rampant until proper vetting procedures can be put in place is just common sense. Under Obama, foreign interests pushed America around at will. Trump will push back. That is a distinct shift in policy.

Dennis Prager has suggested that what we are seeing is nothing less than the beginning of the second Civil War in America. And Mr. Prager has a point. The lines of conflict are being drawn. Progressives have been moving America further toward the neo-Marxist end of the spectrum for years, with feckless Republicans standing by and watching. The left has always used bullying and accusatory tactics against anyone suggesting their agenda is not the only agenda for America. Now Trump has stood firm, casting diplomacy aside, saying essentially the only way to treat a bully is to punch back. Trump may indeed become the lightning rod for an open revolution by the left, as their permeation of our schools, escalating lies and uncivil rhetoric could quickly morph into expanding uncivil action. A copy of Prager’s article can be found here and is well worth reading:

What escalating tension will do to America remains to be seen. But it will indeed create a situation that forces the average American to really study the issues at hand. And that is where the adversaries of common sense and history can do some damage. If the average citizen only listens to the evening news or some mainstream cable channel, they may never see the issues for what they are. With all of the information, disinformation and outright falsehoods being proffered as “news”, the public is at a disadvantage.

Trump’s actions and the left’s reactions will require any citizen who wants the straight story to get busy and look into the details themselves. This requires a basic sense of modern history, policy, law and the meanings of the original Constitution. The very things any coherent citizen should be exposed to as early as grade school. It also demands an internal intuitive sense of right and wrong, and a strong ability to sift through horse-hockey as disinformation swirls around all sides of the issues.

The other difficult aspect of the situation is to clean house within the massive bureaucracy itself. There are numerous entrenched, radical and adversarial socialist sympathizers within the current government infrastructure. These operatives have enjoyed a wild-west style free reign under the Obama administration as long as they were on the preferred side of the issue. Do not expect Trump to be so accommodating. It is worth remembering that in the old west, it was tough to bring law and order any town that had been previously ruled by the gun. And in many ways, the lawlessness of Obama to those aspects not consistent with his world view was very much like a gun to the head of our national legal and social integrity.

The socialist revolution Obama sought to finish may well need to be reversed upon Washington to preserve the viability of the United States as a country. Trump has a least shown a willingness to tackle such a daunting task. He knows that he is not running a popularity contest. He likely does not care if he gets re-elected for a second term. His actions suggest he sees the problems and will waste no time trying to fix them. The simple question is, will Trump be cognizant enough to turn the giant ship of state heading for an iceberg, or will the Washington establishment, led by a deeply entrenched left, prevent him from turning the wheel before there is a collision?

The events of the first few weeks of Trump’s administration only point to more and deeper unrest ahead. If the intent is to actually drain the swamp, you can be sure the alligators will protest. And we will soon have a clear picture of who those alligators are, whether they be entrenched neo-cons or Marxist sympathizers. No one expects Trump to hit only high notes in his presidency. As a relative newcomer to the game, he will have plenty of missteps. But to generate virulence over routine measures bespeaks a deeper and more insidious agenda.

And that agenda is one that has never been favorable to the moral and economic strength of our country. It is an agenda of leftist, communist-style revolution that has been repeated over and over again in Europe and Asia throughout the past century, with disastrous results. Now the signs of such a struggle are appearing within our own borders. The adversary is now within our walls. The stakes are high and the battle has begun.

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