The FortyFive Podcast, Episode 3: Ken Ivory, guest Norm Thurston and Healthy Utah

fortyfivepodcastIn episode 3 of the FortyFive politics podcast we talked about the frivolous fraud allegations leveled against Representative Ken Ivory and Senator Todd Weiler’s pro-Medicaid expansion op-ed. We also spoke with Representative Norm Thurston (R-Provo) about Healthy Utah, the House compromise bill, and more.

00:00-01:18 – Intro
01:19-10:32 – Fraud allegation against Rep. Ken Ivory
10:33-22:05 – Senator Todd Weiler Healthy Utah Op-Ed
22:06-1:05:43 – Special guest Representative Norm Thurston
1:05:44-End – FortyFive Roundup

From the FortyFive Roundup:


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