The Hub Sheet – April 20, 2015: A Clean Newsy Newsletter For the Home

[Ed. note: A wily subscriber asked, and yes, each of our newsletter titles is an actual, or slight variation on an actual slogan used by real a newspaper in history. “A Clean Newsy Newspaper for the Home” was used by the Beaver, PA Daily Times in 1892.  Anyway, the links!]

A new Healthy Utah poll.

Utah’s labor force continues to expand.

A majority of a key 2016 voting block for both parties has two clear top concerns: Immigration reform and climate change.

Sen. Weiler: 10 things you need to know about the Utah Republican Party’s SB54 Lawsuit. And outgoing Iron County GOP Chair with an alternate take.

From the earliest days of radio to today’s “always on” internet, information power rests with the hands on The Master Switch.

Results are coming in as this goes out, but still worth a read: Utah County Republican Party leadership candidates. Also in UCRP convention news… this happened.

The key to unraveling the cause of Alzheimer’s disease may not lie in the human brain, but in the weightlessness of space.

Senator Mike Lee spoke at Heritage on Wed on simplifying the tax code, and defended the Child Tax Credit against conservative critics in the crowd.

The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act:Cybersecurity… or Cyber-surveillance?

Have Republicans taken Obamacare repeal off their “to-do” list heading into 2016?

What if MLK’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail” had beenposted on Facebook?

Study: Legalizing undocumented immigrants could mean big increase in tax revenue for Utah.

Our (always?) muddled estate tax debate.

SCOTUS same-sex marriage preview: Everyone’s courting Kennedy.

Historical perspective: Presidential campaign haven’t been getting longer, they’re just going public earlier.

The Starks are Dumb: What George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones can teach you about business and economics (Spoilers).

On Monday (4/20… get it?) Brookings’ blog begins a deep dive into marijuana policy, federal and in the states.

Weber State students organized a conference to discuss PTSD and college degree seekers.

Oh Deseret News aren’t you precious.

And finally, just when you think the airlines can’t get any worse they surprise you!

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