The Hub Sheet – April 23, 2015: Highlights from the week’s renewed SB 54 debate

It started with a tweet from a senator, and a response from the party.

Senator Weiler joined Paul Mero on KVNU to discuss purity tests and fees for candidates, and Chair Evans called in.  There was shouting [Audio].

Headlines were written. [SLTrib] [DNews] [Utah Policy] The word ‘politiburo’ saw it’s first use in 35 years.

Paul Mero later elaborated on his criticism of “litmus tests” for candidates being a bad for the party.

Senator Bramble weighed, saying without SB 54 there’d be no caucus system at all.

Republican Party Executive Committee votes by secret ballot: No fees, but moving forward with interviews for candidates.

UPH contributor Jesse Harris says GOP delegates and leadership are just digging a deeper hole, and John English recaps Evans’ Doug Wright Show damage control.

More background from the archives:

Sen. Weiler’s 10 Things You Need to Know About the Utah Republican Party’s SB54 Lawsuit. Or if you prefer, 21 gifs that explain.

Chairman James Evans spells out his reasoning for the lawsuit.

On Point: Holly Richardson and Michelle Mumford discuss the lawsuit.

Count My Vote’s not-so-subtle threat to lawmakers to begin new signature drive if they undo SB54.

Would Count My Vote or SB54 ‘compromise’ really increase turnout?

Caucuses, Primaries, turnout and Count My Vote.

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