The Hub Sheet, April 25, 2015: Independent, But Not Neutral

Registered Political Party? Qualified Political Party? Write-ins? We’ve got your SB54 basics, right here.

Utah taxpayers helping to build a shipping port… in California?

Want to go to college? STEM matters.

Could the Supreme Court surprise everyone with a compromise ruling on same-sex marriage?

USU professor under fire for Newsweek wind-power op-ed.

A drought conscious start up says they have the solution for western states: Farm-In-A-Box.

What’s In a Poll: Do Utah voters really want a municipal tax hike?

How political parties use fear to keep their bases active.

States are spending more on higher ed, but so are families.

Recapping an interesting week for Utah GOP.

Programmer pesters police department over lack of public info, police department hires him to fix it.

Morgan County is Utah’s healthiest county sixth year in a row.

Was Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 Hollywood’s first, stealthy two hour corporate commercial?

Mero: Time for a change inside the Utah Republican Party.

We don’t really know how many civilian drone casualties there have been.

What we know so far about changes to the Republican presidential primary timeline.

Unimpressed with this week’s links? Well, then, here’sa donut in space (video).

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