The Hub Sheet – April 6, 2015: Utah’s most popular newsletter with this name.

Utah’s most popular newsletter with this name.

Hub contributor Shon Harris writes about two new social media platforms that may change the 2016 campaigns.

A woman gave birth while stuck in presidential motorcade gridlock.

THE CLAW MACHINES ARE RIGGED… but not they way you assume.

“I have experience with Utah criminal law.” Ya don’t say.

People who read fiction make better friends, says science.

The thing about the line that Mitt Romney made conservatives stay home 2012 is it was, is, and will remain not true.

Salt Lake Tribune Trib Talk on the future of medicinal marijuana in Utah.

Craig Janis says when it comes to equal protection, the law already balances for religious freedom.  And Curt Bentley says everyone calm down.  The Terminatoragrees with them both.

Easter pro-tip: The real secret to the hard boiled egg easy-peel.

Our most popular April Fool’s story.

SCOTUS sets April 28 for first gay marriage arguments.

Drought in Brazil reveals ‘lost city’.

And capping this week’s highlights, Boston Dynamics unveils the latest in advanced roboti– OH SUPER IT CAN RUN!

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