The Hub Sheet – Feb 10, 2016: Act of Sitting

The origin of the word “session,” as in “general session,” stem from a Latin phrases for ‘act of sitting” or “have a seat.” True story.

Gordon Jones says Rep. Love’s “one thing at a time” proposal is well intentioned, but ultimately meaningless.

Utah on the brink of losing “herd immunity” with more parents choosing not to vaccinate.

Pew: 2016 electorate will be the most diverse in U.S. history.

At the 13.15 mark, Senator Lyle Hillyard proves he’s the Banksy of explaining base budgets in this Utah Senate Q&A.

A skeptic infiltrates a conspiracy theorists’ cruise (Conspira-Sea) and the results are an amazing read.

Two takes: Sutherland Institute says Rep. Bishop’s Public Lands Initiative is a win for conservation, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance says it’s a win only for fossil fuel developers.

Ars Technica and the Electronic Frontier Foundation are “offended, annoyed, and frightened” by first draft of Rep. Lifferth’s anti-doxxing bill.

Twitter policy changes in 2015 killed PoliTwoops, which tracked politicians’ deleted tweets. After public outcry, it’s back.

That time Sen. Todd Weiler was on The View.

The Utah Rivers Council says SB80, funding Lake Powell and Bear River water projects, is chock full of fabricated costs and claims.

Political tribalism requires pre-formed narratives that dehumanize opponents. But that’s exactly what you’d expect one of those other guys to say, right?

SB73 supporters weighing ballot initiative route after LDS Church opposes full plant medicinal marijuana bill.

The top 250 products and activities that sent Americans to the emergency room last year.

Kim Burningham says the problems with closed caucuses are even greater today.

Woman evicted from Utah housing for mentally ill says current rules are unreasonable.

ProPublica (re)launches campaign finance API for researchers, journalists.

2014 set a new record for prescription drug deaths in Utah.

We’ve known about the Zika virus since 1947. Why is it only now causing panic? Answers, here.

Is it time to rewrite the textbooks on teaching teachers?

A handy ‘splainer on the SCOTUS ruling on Obama’s carbon controls plan and what happens next.

The professor who exposed the Flint, MI water crisis says research funding mechanisms have broken science for public good.

And finally, spice up that committee meeting or committee meeting live stream learning how not to get killed by a cow.

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