The Hub Sheet – Friday February 20, 2015

Another week, survived.

The Future of Work: Technology and the Workforce.

Rep. Anderson says HB160 (cyclists and drive-thrus) was necessary because SLC Council wouldn’t work with business owners.

Skillz: Watch Sen. Hillyard explain the entire budget process in 4 minutes, and the revenue numbers in 2.

Gas tax: We’ll end up with the roads we’re willing to pay for.

Sen. Dayton supports citizenship tests for diplomas, and encourages you to try your own hand at the test.

Picking up steam in 1870, the transportation revolution was a tipping point for global trade… and conquest.

Utah farmers prep for another year of drought.

Attorney General Reyes applauds TX judge’s injunction ruling against President Obama’s immigration executive order.

Right to Try bill advances.

The tender feelings of millionaire soccer stadium investors.

Utah Data Points: Sen. Mike Lee and Sen. Elizabeth Warren have something in common.

The anatomy of your favorite song, in chart.

Utah Foundation says Utahns’ tax burden is the lowest in 20 years, and education is getting hit by that the hardest.

New to Utah’s Capitol Hill: The Bob Marley Caucus.

Graph: Impact of vaccines through history.

And if none of this floats your boat, perhaps this perhaps the mathematically fair way to cut a cake will?

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