The Hub Sheet – Mar 5, 2016: SATS, storm economics, and lead enthusiasts.

Mr. English: 74 things I learned from the lowest debate in American history.

Repeal the 17th Amendment? Don’t bother.

The Beehive Bugle lampoons “lead enthusiast” Sen. Mike Lee’s hold on Flint water crisis aid money.

Economists discussing the impact of weekend snowstorms on local economies.

Utah Division of Consumer Protection is investigating an Ogden business that’s been “going out of business” for a really, really long time.

Thousands of students will take the new SAT tests this weekend. Here is what’s changed and why.

From the highest mountain in the Alps to a miniature train city in Germany, Google Street View is an unprecedented project. Here’s how they’re doing it.

The Salt Lake Tribune praises Sen. Urquhart’s efforts in what will be his last general session.

If you want to understand the populist theme roiling the 2016 election, go to Oklahoma.

Attorney for fired theater professor asks judge to hold Dixie State University president in contempt, be jailed for 48 hours.

Mero Moment: Trump is really nothing.

A fascinating family tree for the world’s languages.

Utah public transit drivers’ tales of Utah winter driving.

Romney’s two points.

The forgotten history of Russian civilian deaths in WWII, and how it reshaped the 20th century.

Making your own case moot: How a group seeking term limits to Governor appointees shot itself in the foot before the Utah Supreme Court.

10 surprising foods you can make in your waffle iron.

Competing medical marijuana bills will be heard in House Health and Human Services Committee at 10am, Monday. [See full agenda.]

This weekend, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, and Maine have primaries but no one cares.

Speaker Hughes has words with the Deseret News over their coverage of “non-compete” legislation.

Video: Senators discuss the budget, changes to County sales tax road money ration, Romney, Trump and more in this Utah Senate Q&A.

An Oregon city’s experiment with “grounds keeping goats” to save money was surprising, to city managers only, a failure.

And finally: Whole Foods, you have got to be kidding…

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