The Hub Sheet – March 10, 2015

So close…

Holly Richardson’s legislative countdown on the Hub continues with 5 bills you’ve probably not heard of, and 4 things you need to know about the final days.

Citizens for retiring the penny (dot org).

Utah Senate Kills Stoned Bunnies.

Did you know only six parts of the Tesla Model S ever need replacing?  Not that it matter for Utahns, right Representatives?

Pig #3: The smartest animal you’ve never heard of.

Thoughts of the session so far from Rep. Craig Hall.

The importance of opening up police data.

Latest on the hill from Rep. Keith Grover.

Witness the power of this fully operational… New Senate Site!

State Attorney Generals are becoming more powerful. Is that a problem?

Monday’s education rally under the dome was one of the largest anyone can remember (Hub Instagram).

Your DNA isn’t as special as you think.

This woman’s job was to witness 287 executions in Texas.

Sign up to follow a virtual roadtrip from CA to DC with State & Local.

Some lawmakers fancy themselves the Super School Board, critics say.

Being ‘laid off’ can lead to a decade of distrust for some.

Census: One in five married Utahns has been remarried.

As the Healthy Utah vs. Utah Cares debate continues,see what the American Medical Association had to say about Utah’s PCNs.

Herd behavior and financial markets.

And last, but obviously not least, the importance of wasting time. No, seriously.

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