The Hub Sheet – March 26, 2015

If it isn’t here, you didn’t need to know it.

What if Utah politics were like your high school?

See how Utah’s online voter registration site stacked up for people with disabilities in this Center for Accessible Technology report.

UPH contributor Holly Richardson writes about the need for more women in leadership, including the home.

The Utah Broadband Project gets an outreach center, but sadly is still building coverage maps based on data ‘self reported’ by providers.

For most, local news is still hard to find on Twitter.

If you guessed Siberian Mystery Craters = Doom, you win.

A solution for campaign website hijacking? (cc Ted Cruz)

How to Google something you don’t know how to describe.

How Neoconservatives hang onto out-sized influence in a changing GOP.

Provo will experiment with letting residents write and vet policy from home.

GOP 2016 Power Rankings: Only Bush, Walker, Rubio getting traction?

Sen. Mike Lee wants Congress to get serious about patent reform.

Mitt Romney shows his lighter side on Jimmy Fallon.

#UTpol Tweet of the Week.

Demographics of the 2016 electorate, explained.

And, because it’s The Internet and Why Not, here’s a video of the first and last frames of 55 well-known movies.

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