The Hub Sheet – March 6, 2015

Six Days.  Six long, grueling days.

Six days, and six bills to watch.

Fuel cells, next-gen robots and printable organs? Top 10 emerging technologies in 2015.

Why stop at Bitcoin, Utah Reps?

Utah Democrats try to get Healthy Utah its vote, ignite fireworks in House.

What is the single most successful industry of the past 100 years? Hint: Madsen isn’t running a bill on it but you can still smoke it.

The good intentions of, and problems with HB277.

The dark side of food.

“Online car sales cut out the middle man,” complains Middle Man.

ALEC CEO stops in Utah, says things to students,

The importance of open police data.

King v. Burwell: What should (could?) Utah do if the plaintiffs win?

Video: What pennies can tell us about randomness and disorder.

Interesting bill and news story, but the Salt Lake Tribune should be fined for this headline.

The third Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer is out and if it doesn’t excite you, you may be dead.

Public lands: What’s this debate about again?

Prison relocation basics.

Are you into Extreme Cardboarding?

Show me the study!

Water droplets bouncing off of self cleaning surfaces.

Unimpressed with these links? Then enjoy an epigenome and DNA sequencing explainer using Beethoven’s 5th and have yourself a nice weekend.

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