The Hub Sheet – May 16, 2015

We know where you live.

Utah politics: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Science vs. Football.

Prison relocation chairs and public hearings, now with more Q&A.

Is the USA Freedom Act a step forward for reigning in surveillance? No. No it isn’t.

The biggest story of the week. The $31,000 question. The damning tape. The scandal sub-tweeting?

City Weekly talks to Rep. Mike Noel about wilderness, drought, and hikers packing around bags of poo.

Advances in therapeutic science are leading to a labyrinth revival.

Charlie Cook says the 2016 GOP field is flat, all over the place, and so far not wowing the base.

What dead punctuation (RIP pilcrow and manicule!) can teach us about history, sociology, and culture.

The Daily Herald still gets the best letters to the editor.

You want a daily news roundup with zingers, insight, and Tina Fey gifs? All you had to do was ask.

Google may be taking us to a world without passwords.

Mother’s Day was so last weekend, but you should still read Holly’s ode to motherhood, 28 years and counting.

Candy Crush Saga will be built into Windows 10 because you’re all getting too much work done.


Did you know there was a Physics Day at Lagoon? These 8,000 student scientists did.

Political scientists’ experiment unwitting breaks Montana’s election laws.

And finally, a surprisingly lengthy origin story for the phrase “the bee’s knees.”

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