The Hub Sheet, May 2, 2015: Making twice the noise redesign focuses on ‘geo-tagging’ to provide better location specific data and services.

From the 18th Amendment to marijuana, see how fast America changes it’s mind in one handy chart.

Will Election ’16 be the year of the Google Ads?

The magic of hippo poop.

Privacy, freedom of association, and political warfare.

Agriculture experts say to meet water demands, the future of farming is genetically modified crops and smaller, local farms.

SCOTUS same-sex marriage arguments (Audio and transcripts): Question 1, and Question 2.

Jury: San Juan county commissioner guilty of conspiracy for ATV protest.

Are Facebook and Instagram making us nicer people?

Ron Paul: Operation Jade Helm 15 isn’t a military takeover… or is it?

The NSA/Germany spying scandal you’ve already forgotten just became a much bigger deal.

Visualizing bird migrations (and you thought your commute was long).

Why the media doesn’t cover protests until something is on fire.

The Vietnam War ended 40 years ago this week, andthe Pentagon is still trying to sanitize the story.

Hub contributor John Mulholland on tunnel vision and the two paths for the Utah GOP on SB54.

In 1999, the NSA took on the Furby.  For freedom.

Foul play or free enterprise? Ogden, Morgan towing companies duke it out over UHP contracts.

And if all of that leaves you wanting more, here’s a dog driving a tractor messing with traffic in Scotland (no, really).

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