The Hub Sheet – May 23, 2015: Liked by Many, Cussed by Some, Read by All

Ever heard of 340B? Well, you’re probably paying for it anyway.

The latest on Rep. Justin Miller (D – Swindleville) from around the Hub and elsewhere:

If you could undo one historical event, which would it be?

Deep thoughts: What if everyone just calmed down?

The US military’s most effective weapon in Afghanistan? Money and comic books.

Paul Mero says the current Utah GOP platform loses relevance addressing every issue under the sun. He reads his suggested replacement in under 2 minutes.

A ridiculously detailed chart of Obama’s 2016 budget.

After some bad PR over poisoning rivers, food,competitor’s fields, Monsanto wants to train more Monsanto friendly food writers because they care.

21 graphs that explain public opinion, same-sex marriage, and the courts.

In 15 years, the one-hour photo industry shrank from booming to less than 190 businesses.

On Hillary and questions.  Also, this week’s “hey it’s a long weekend” State Department email dump.

Even Republicans are sour on the new GOP-led Congress.

Holly Richardson’s Top Ten Things Easier Than Being a Democratic Campaign Consultant in Utah.

All Mitch McConnell wanted was a quick extension of the Patriot Act and a vacation. Neither happened.

No, the Poor Are Not Squandering Public Money on Filet Mignon.

If I were you, I wouldn’t click this link.

And if none of the above titillated or tantalized, perhaps a pretty info-graphic of scientific discoveries so far this year will?

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