The One Who Holds the Money is the One Who is Served [The Hub Debate]

Elementary School Students Rasing Hands in ClassroomThis is a Hub Debate on the role of boards of education. For more background, read this.  Participate in the comments or submit a response for publication to The question is: “Who do you think the board should serve?  Parents? Students? Why?

The question of whether or not a Board of Education serves the parents or the students is polarizing. It is a question of will they serve.  With the adoption of Common Core curriculum, the general public, parents, teachers and even students wonder if their concerns are being served at all.

Teachers are expected to sign confidentiality agreements and cannot speak against the Common Core. Parents are placated at public comment meetings.  Board members must tolerate these meetings by law, but they are not required to give answers.  But all are welcome to meet with them afterwards, off the record.   From the Board’s perspective there is little reason to be interested in what parents, teachers and students say. The public may have anger and frustration but it is a losing proposition for the Board to change their alignment to CC.  The money comes from us but the house always wins.

The collusion of state lawmakers with private corporations makes for grand back room deals.  Millions  of dollars are exchanged and promised.  Past failed programs are being brought forth with renewed vitality, with the promise that this time it will work.  Citing the naivety of parents and students, these “leaders” surely know what the world is expecting on an economic competitive scale, and only those in charge know what to do.  Any challenge brought by well researched parents is labeled:  extreme, radical, and even, “histrionic.”

Those who claim to “serve us” are actually trying to help us stay as compliant as possible; because of course we’d never understand the broad applications and needs of the global economy.   These leaders want the answer to “who does the Board of Education serve” to be the student.  They want our kids to be “successful”, however, nothing signified success when the 2014 school year ended.  In looking at the measures of success, it looked like a total failure.  So surely the Board of Education didn’t serve the students well. Surely the Board noticed that the students are now uneasy about its implementation of Common Core.

So who is getting served?  Billionaire Rupert Murdock stated that “When it comes to K-12 education, we see a $500 Billion sector in the U.S.”  To date the Gates Foundation has donated over $200 million dollars to various enterprises that promote Common Core. When the trickle-down theory is applied, there are scant resources at the bottom, in the classroom. Where is the money?
The Boards of Education no longer serve students, parents, or any other stakeholder.  The State and local Boards will not or cannot confront the Federal education policy.  The contractual agreements have made it impossible to thwart this intrusion into parental right and responsibility.  U.S. Department of Education has all but guaranteed eventual takeover with the No Child Left Behind waiver, on the front side and State school grading laws that are aligned with Common Core testing, on the back-end.

I never met an investor who did not expect a return on investment.

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