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Political wisdom, without the hate

Let’s face it… America’s political culture is awful! We’ve forgotten how to thoughtfully discuss  the issues, respectfully disagree, and to unite to condemn corrupt behavior.  Our media system is often at the heart of this problem.

Polite Politics is a movement to change our media culture. At its core is the Polite Politics Podcast – a thirty minute, once-a-week look at everything an American citizen needs to know about the world of politics. We cut out bias, hate and deception and simply explain the core values and trade-offs are at the heart of political decision-making.

It only takes thirty minutes once-a-week to begin to feel like a political insider, and with the Polite Politics Podcast you can do it without all the divisive rhetoric. Get the information, hear from the insiders and policy makers, and then make your own choice.


Week 1: Utah Senator Mike Lee, campaign finance reform, and Clinton cash. (April 27, 2015)

About Tyler Page:

Tyler is a lifelong follower of politics. He grew up in an ultra-conservative home and then spent his high school years in an ultra-progressive debate community. The contrast helped him recognize that there are good, honest and intelligent people on both sides of most political issues.

Tyler has built a career in the world of software. He was the first marketer at Qualtrics and now is the Vice President of peer60, a Utah-based start-up that provides a survey ecosystem targeted to the world of healthcare.

In his free time, Tyler has earned a B.A. in Mass Communication from Brigham Young University and will graduate with an Master’s in Mass Communication in August. He will begin work on a PhD in Mass Communication (focused in public relations) this fall at the University of Maryland.PolitePoliticsLogo