The Post Trump Problematic Paradigm

By David Rogers

I greatly enjoyed Curt Bentley’s recent article Creating a Post-Trumpian Era. I agree with the majority of his assessment and his plea for each of us to stop looking at each other based on divisions, political or otherwise. But I think Mr. Bentley left out one important point.

Let me illustrate with a metaphoric story. I have been an avid motorcycle rider since the tender age of sixteen. In the late eighties, I attended a popular road race at a historic venue back east. During one race, two bikes became entangled and a rider was thrown from his machine at over 130 miles per hour. He hit the pavement and rag-dolled halfway down the front straightaway. He was dead before he stopped sliding. It was a traumatic event one cannot unsee, even thirty-plus years later.

Besides giving me a greater respect for life, the incident affected my riding. I was a bit more careful on the street after that. It changed my paradigm. It reminded me of my own mortality, particularly how vulnerable I was on two wheels among plenty of somnambulant four-wheeled cage dwellers. I believe the Trump era has had a similar influence upon American voters, at least the ones who really studied what the Trump administration sought to accomplish.

Trump peeled the mask back on our supposed political representation and gave us a shocking look at some facts that had been carefully concealed and misrepresented for years. As Mr. Bentley rightly points out, the system was broken well before Trump. Two Bushes, the Clintons, and Obama did a fine job of mangling the constitutional balance and restrictions that are supposed to govern a Republic.

But Trump, by his own very bombastic nature or deliberate eye-poking of established political norms, revealed the deeper problem. And the problem is that true representation for ordinary folks in Washington is almost non-existent today. The whole system is corrupt to the core. Trump made darn sure that everyone could see that Democrats represent radical far-left interests and the feckless Republicans represent those special interests the Democrats do not dominate. Nowhere in the equation is the voice of the people heard with any volume or resonance. And those interests are rapidly sucking the wealth and moral fiber out of this country. We cannot in good conscience ignore what has now been openly exposed.

Trump further revealed that our press is irredeemably corrupt as well. We see in no uncertain terms that media will conspire to create any delusional narrative to take focus away from the rotting establishment and place it squarely on anyone who dares rock the boat. And Trump was doing some serious rocking. He never “attacked democracy”. He shamelessly lambasted the actual antagonists while personally suffering every form of manufactured character assassination.

Meanwhile, in league with career politicos, the press championed the dialog of division and accused anyone who questioned their official narrative as pedaling “disinformation”. Distracting from the corruption Trump outlined by creating adversaries out of each of us using identity politics as the everyday narrative. How dare we deplorables ever question the elite’s official self-serving take on things.

To the serious reformist, Trump did not go far enough. His first term was spent identifying the frauds, and his second term aimed to clean the vessel in a political sense. Trump was determined to break the hold of the elite overseers that control our Congress, courts, and bureaucracy and try and return some common sense to the system. But he has not gotten that second term. And he needed some help from We the People. Just weeks into Biden’s suspicious tenure, we see renewed walls of division. We even hear some congressional voices stating overtly that anyone who voted for Trump must be a white supremacist or terrorist. So much for trying to unify and heal the country.

The larger point is, it will be tough to unite anyone as long as the same powers Trump clashed with maintain control and, with cooperative media in tow, paint a picture of a hopelessly broken and divided America as reinforcement of their power. They are the ones breaking and dividing the country with their rhetoric and misguided policies. They are the ones trampling the Constitution and siphoning off our wealth and sovereignty to international interests. Trump merely exposed their hand. Can we see how they have stacked the deck?

We should come together, liberal and conservative alike, and throw the whole stinking bunch of them (with a few notable exceptions) right out of office and start fresh. Perhaps with more new people like our Burgess Owens or Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene real change might occur. Trump exposed the putrefaction of the system in painful detail. It is now left up to us to come together and do something about it.

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