The Reality of a Tourism Based Economy

When you start seeing studies telling you how good a National Park, National Monument, or recreation is for the economy of the communities around them reflect upon the following information about Teton County in Wyoming.

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Teton County Wyoming is where the Teton National Park and Jackson Hole Wyoming are located. Jackson Hole is well known for all kinds of outdoor recreation activities all year around.  Millions of visitors every year flock to the area to get away from the daily grind.

10673325_10152682289923158_1643594571_oAccording to an article in the Jackson Hole News half of all the jobs in the county are in retail and hospitality which are very low paying.  As a result most folks can’t afford homes or even rentals in the area.

Of all the homes in Teton County, 43 percent are vacant.

Half the jobs in Teton County are in retail or in hospitality — the two lowest-paying sectors of the county’s economy other than mining, which employs three people….

With 97.5 percent of the county owned by the federal government, half is held by the U.S. Forest Service. Another 45 percent is within National Park Service boundaries.

County residents seeking better jobs go elsewhere, he said, and Hispanics “move in to fill all those gaps.”

Based on this do we really want more lands bills passed and more land federally designated in rural Utah?     I’m sure for all those that come to rural Utah to play they could care less, but for all those that live there it is a totally different story.

So the next time you read something like this from an environmental group or the National Park Service,

 A new National Park Service (NPS) report states that in 2012, the 2,705,215 visitors to national park sites in San Juan County spent $150 million and supported 1,910 jobs.

Don’t take it at face value because if a National Park was really that good for an area wouldn’t you think that Teton County Wyoming would be doing a lot better?

Legal plunder can be committed in an infinite number of ways; hence, there are an infinite number of plans for organizing it: tariffs, protection, bonuses, subsidies, incentives, the progressive income tax, free education, the right to employment, the right to profit, the right to wages, the right to relief, the right to the tools of production, interest free credit, etc., etc. And it the aggregate of all these plans, in respect to what they have in common, legal plunder, that goes under the name of socialism.  by Frederic Bastiat


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