The Salt City Throwdown Podcast: An Interview with Trestin Meacham

Trestin Meacham who was on a hunger strike while waiting for a stay or overturning of Kitchen v. Herbert
Trestin Meacham who was on a hunger strike while waiting for a stay or overturning of Kitchen v. Herbert

This article was written by Adam “The Fish Guy” Andrews. Co-host and Producer of the Salt City Throwdown podcast.


On a recent episode of The Salt City Throwdown Podcast, we had the chance to have a conversation with Trestin Mecham. Many of you may remember him as the man from Monroe, UT who went on a hunger strike in response to Judge Shelby’s ruling on Utah’s Amendment 3.

Never having met Trestin, I did what most people do nowadays: I looked him up online. On the top 12 results: 2 were links to new stations that reported on the story, 1 was a link to his site, 1 was a link to a Caribbean cuisine restaurant in New York that is called Trestin, and just happens to me located on Mecham St., and the rests were blog posts harping on the guy. When I read one blog post that implicated that the author was going to go on a responding hunger strike until Mecham DIED, I was disturbed. Other sites spoke of how “crazy”, or “zealous” or “homophobic” the people in Utah must be. Some of the blogs were asking how other members of his church felt about his actions.  The restaurant offers delivery service, which seemed nice.


When he finally called into the show; NONE of the information I found in my search was of much use to me. I found that Smitty and I were having a civil conversation about interpretation of The Constitution and political beliefs with a calm, polite man who lives in the same state we do. He never said anything insulting or degrading about the LGBT community. He and Smitty had some back and forth about Constitutional Law, and their respective understanding on its meaning, but no one had to raise their voice; even though they disagreed. I felt sympathy for him when he spoke of the many threats of violence (and worse) against him and his family he received in response to his actions.  As the conversation came to an end, he thanked us for having him on, and we thanked him for calling in. We even welcomed him to contact us after the 10th Circuit court completes its hearing. It went as well as other call in interviews we had done in the past.

I do not agree with Mr. Mecham on the matter of Utah Amendment 3. I don’t agree with is arguments about using “Original Intent” of The Constitution as grounds for opposing Judge Shelby’s ruling. I thought his choice of using a hunger strike as a means of protest was a risky choice…
However, I did not for a second find myself speaking to the same person the majority of sites that spoke about him portrayed him to be. I don’t think it’s because there is a problem with the search engine I’m using, but there is probably a problem with how we are handling differences of opinion in our modern world.


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