The Salt Lake Tribune is responsible for Donald Trump

A few years ago I cancelled my subscription to the Salt Lake Tribune. I did so after the editors made it clear to me that I was too stupid to understand them – perhaps too stupid to live.

The Salt Lake Tribune is responsible for Donald Trump
by Gordon Jones

You see, the Tribune editors are paid-up members of the class bien-pensants, those enlightened souls who know – much better than we do – just what is good for us.

You will have your own list, but here’s a quick start on mine, of the things I’m sick of having crammed down my throat:

  1. Toilets that have to be flushed twice;
  2. Light bulbs that take five minutes to warm up, and that require a Haz-Mat team for disposal;
  3. Gasoline containing ethanol;
  4. A million-dollar “trolley line” running from Sugarhouse to some unspecified location on the west side carrying seven passengers a day (and it doesn’t even look like a trolley);
  5. Education indoctrinating 6-year-olds on the possible permutations and combinations of parental genders;
  6. Librarians taking Huck Finn off the shelves;
  7. Cars made out of plastic and tinfoil;
  8. Dietary labels on food packaging that 11 people in the history of the world have read, and that require a degree in nutrition to understand;
  9. Bicycle lanes everywhere;
  10. “Free Speech” zones on college campuses where free speech is strictly prohibited.

And what, you are asking by now, does any of this have to do with Donald Trump? Has Donald Trump even talked about any of these things in his campaign?

Well, the answer to the second question is, I don’t know. I have not listened to Donald Trump (who sports the worst toupee since Jimmy Traficant), and don’t intend to start now.

But what I do know is that Donald Trump is unapologetic (now there’s an understatement!) about challenging the received wisdom of the bien-pensants. Just like me, he is sick of being told what to do by our betters. He understands that ordinary individuals are perfectly capable of organizing their own lives, and that when they do so it is not necessarily going to bring down Western Civilization. I wear a set belt while driving, but I hate having to buy a car that nags at me until and unless I buckle up. I re-cycle my batteries and electronic devices (even when it costs me $25 to dispose of an old TV), but I hate having armies of snoopocrats poking thru my garbage to make sure I don’t put plastic in the wrong bin.

That’s who The Donald is speaking for, and IMHO that, and that alone explains his present popularity. He is willing – nay, eager – to tell the bien-pensants that we do not need to be forced to do the right thing.

The great political strategist Clif White once said that the candidate that could figure out how to get rid of suburban crabgrass would be unbeatable. Today’s problem is not crabgrass (well it is, but you know what I mean), but a plague of bien-pensants ordering our lives for us.

Donald Trump has figured that out.

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