The Utah GOP is asking the right questions

By David Rogers

The Utah GOP issued a statement last week supporting the Trump campaign’s decision to pursue charges of voter fraud, noting they “stand firmly” with the President and that his lawyers outlined evidence of what appears to be widespread improprieties in the elections practices in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Nevada. Their statement reads further: “If there is any truth to the concerns about connections between the Dominion voting machines, Smartmatic voting software, and coordinated attempts to interfere with the outcome of the election, it is in our country’s best interest to shed light on what has happened.” This is the right approach and brings to light the right questions.

The Utah GOP’s concerns revolve around two fundamental “what if” questions. Those questions are: “What if the election was manipulated on a widespread basis; and what if the results are not properly investigated, allowed to stand and Biden takes office?” An affirmative answer to both of these questions is chilling. And that is, we may never have a representative election in this country again.

With regard to the first question, why would both campaigns not want to get to the bottom of any and all fraud allegations? If the evidence is there, a concerned and principled leader would want that investigated and corrected regardless of the outcome. If the evidence does not support the allegations, the issue is put to rest once and for all.

Trump’s surrogates are proffering serious accusations. These are high-level legal minds who should be given some credence and should not be labeled immediately hyperbolic. Should not the Biden campaign be equally enthusiastic about disproving such allegations by thorough legal investigation? Rather, Biden is using mainstream media, not any legal mechanisms, as his surrogate. That does not add up.

The second question is even more concerning. If fraud was perpetrated, and nothing is done about it, what leads anyone to believe future elections will not be just as manipulated? And in fact, Biden’s team has already hinted they want permanent mail-in balloting and legalization of ballot harvesting. That smacks of a mono-party dictatorship. The Democrat stance is antithetical to any semblance of checks and balances. With massive unchecked future vote manipulation, we would effectively have no elected representation, but installed officers based on the will of those controlling the voting system. That is nothing short of the death of our Republic as it is now configured.

Ultimately this should not be a partisan issue. We are too focused on the candidates and not focused on the integrity of the process. If the evidence is out there, bring it forward and let the legal remedies play out. If not, a lot of time and money will have been wasted. We spent $40 million-plus last election on a wild goose chase of Russian interference, we had better make sure we get this election correct. Either way, the Utah GOP is right in their concerns. Everyone should care that we get to the bottom of these claims, especially if we actually care about having a representative voice in the foreseeable future.

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