Three Reasons Mitt Romney Should or Should Not Run in 2016

Mitt_Romney_speaking_close_upHalfway into President Obama’s second term, the state of America looks shaky at best. Economic weakness continues, civil unrest flourishes and despots across the globe stick their tongues out at a Commander in Chief that appears neither chiefly or much engaged in anything that has the appearance of strong geo-political positioning. Excuses, blame, cover-ups and general deflection and burying of issues are the modus operandi for the current White House. Scandals abound among staff and appointees and despite the still reticent media pandering the popularity of both President and Congress have hit new lows. If there is any possible good news, perhaps the President’s golf handicap has improved over the summer.

In hindsight what might a Romney Presidency have changed since 2012? That is a question that would require much more space than we have here to answer. Instead of looking back, perhaps it is best to look ahead. Would a Romney run for the White House in 2016 make any sense at all? In fact, who within the Republican party has enough cachet to make a serious run at the Hillary machine that is even now gearing up for what amounts to a Orwellian coronation of the Clinton legacy?

With a mass of spinning speculation in mind, let’s examine three top three reasons why Mitt Romney should run or should not run for President in 2016.

Mitt Romney should run in 2016 because:

1) After the 2012 Presidential debates Mitt looks like an absolute genius. Just forget holding any debates with Hillary in the upcoming election, just play the highlights from 2012… “Russia is our greatest international concern”. “Ha-ha, hey Mr. Romney, the eighties called and they want their foreign policy back.” Oops, looks like Vladimir Putin makes Mitt Romney look like the greatest political savant in the last two centuries. How is that thing going in the Ukraine anyway Mr. President? Never mind all the economic stuff, the average voter does not get that anyway. Just think of Russia aggressively on the move… with nukes. ‘Nuf said.

2) Oh, about that economic stuff. Under President Obama the national deficit is approaching uncontrollable levels. Never mind that the White House did not even publish a real budget until 2014, after the deficit had already doubled from the Bush administration. The instant treasury lending rates get back up to around four or five percent, America’s balance sheet will look a lot like Enron’s. Perhaps a leader with actual business experience and a real record of fiscal responsibility might be a good idea. Or how about someone that will actually exert real leadership? Or does that just make too much sense?

English: Governor Mitt Romney of MA
English: Governor Mitt Romney of MA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3) Mitt Romney just looks Presidential. The fact that he would be the most handsome occupant of the White House since Kennedy should seal the deal. Maybe his movie star good looks are the only thing that could sway some of the liberal female vote away from Hillary. People have voted for candidates on thinner criteria than that before. Picture Mitt’s visage on a new $1,000 bill. Truly inspired.

Mitt Romney should not run in 2016 because:

1) If Hillary wins the Democratic nomination, and she will, the entire United States media machine, with maybe the exception of Fox News, will be out to get whoever runs as her opponent. Think it was absurd that in the 2012 election someone dug up a story that Mitt might have bullied some poor kid in high school? How about the fatal 47% comment (which is accurate by the way). That nonsense will be nothing compared to the lengths the liberal media will travel to ensure the first female President makes it to the White House. Remember Obama in 2008? The media elevated him to almost Savior-like status? Imagine that all over again. It would not surprise me, given Mitt Romney’s overall impeccable character, that the media would just start making negative stuff up. Who wants to put up with that? There may not be a campaign strategy extant that can withstand such an insane media firestorm.

2) If by some miracle Mitt ever did get elected, he would have to become the most unpopular President in American history just to have a chance to do a real job and turn things around. The leader that has to go in to the office and actually make the tough decisions needed to save this country faces an uphill, unrelenting and unforgiving task. Weaning America from the entitlement, special interest, capitalist cronyism feeding trough that is breaking our economic back is no small matter. It would require the mother of all political rehabilitation programs to ever see possible success. The fact that Mitt has been personally successful and obtained great wealth throughout his own life is only ammunition in the chambers of the naysayers who will accuse him of being an out-of-touch rich guy who knows nothing about the plight (read dependency) of the average American, or any of our exceedingly well paid government contractors.

3) It may already be too late. The next President in the White House could very well be labelled the Captain that goes down with the ship. Whoever gets elected will likely have two outcomes. They will either strive within an inch of their life to do the tough things needed to put America back on a course to freedom and prosperity, a daunting and ugly task at best, or they will conduct the string quartet as they stand on the deck of the sinking Titanic. And in hindsight, no one would have wanted to be the Captain of the Titanic had they known what was in store. Mitt Romney, or any Republican candidate for that matter, has to ask the serious question: “Am I ready for this?”

There is no question that Mitt Romney is the type of man and leader that America needs at this point in history. Time will only tell if the 2012 election was the turning point for the greatness that was or is still yet to be America. Whether Mitt Romney is called upon to run again or not, someone with his finer characteristics needs to take the reins of this country that will exert focused, principled, prudent and wise leadership. The economic and moral clock is ticking down, and without substantial and serious change in Washington, the greatest experiment in liberty the world has ever known might is headed for big trouble. There is not much at stake. Only America’s ongoing status as leader of the free world, thus the continuing perpetuation of freedom and democracy throughout the globe. Food for thought as future political choices confront us.

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