Top Ten Tips for Twitter


I keep saying this: Twitter is where it’s at for a quick summary of the news.  It is a great political tool and slowly but surely, more elected officials are embracing it.

Here are my Top Ten Tips for using Twitter.

#1: Start using it. Really. Just do it.

#2:  Use it regularly – don’t send out one Tweet and never go back to it. Update daily or at least multiple times a week

#3: Don’t overdo it, either. if you are tweeting 100 times a day, it turns into spam and you’ll lose people.

#4: Engage your followers – ask questions, post pictures and tweet what you are passionate about

#5: Learn to use hash tags – a hash tag is the pound sign followed by one word (no spaces) that can easily be pulled up by the Twitter search engine. For example, if you put #utpol every time you tweet something related to Utah politics, you will be make it likely that more than just your “followers” will see you. But don’t over-do the hash tags, either.

#6: Re-tweet interesting information, quotes, articles.  Offer “value”.  If all of your tweets are all about you, your followers won’t be engaged and the connection you are hoping for will remain elusive.

#7: Follow real people in your very own district- not just your legislative colleagues.

#8: Be real – if people wanted to only read your press releases or find out your schedule, they’d look elsewhere. One of the biggest complaints about politicians tweeting is that they are only sending out boring PR stuff. Again, be real – let people get to know you.  Social media is all about the “social

#9:  Use your phone. Set up your phone to send your tweets and receive the tweets from those you choose to follow closely. It’s easy, I promise.

#10: Use Twitter apps like TweetDeck (a way to streamline notifications and tweets) – it will make things easier for you.

Bonus Tip: Do your own tweeting or have VERY clear guidelines for what can and cannot be tweeted. I promise – you’ll thank me for it later.

Bonus Tip #2: No naked selfies.

Finally, come on in – the water’s fine.  And don’t forget to follow me at @HollyontheHill.

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